Who we are

Trainz Narrowgaugers (TNG) was initially formed by Peter Pardoe-Matthews in an attempt to consolidate efforts on international narrow gauge virtual railroading projects. The group is loosely formed of individual creators and enthusiasts who all share mutual interests in high quality content creation and route building in support of preserving the unique narrow gauge heritage in virtual railroad operations.

Much of the released content from the TNG members is varied and highly detailed. Rustic structures, steam era equipment and scenic routes have been developed for many different roads and areas.

What we do

The group’s main interest is in model creation of steam and industrial locomotives, rolling stock and structures in support of routes built by TNG members or sometimes for general use by the Trainz public. Many of the releases have been influenced by Colorado, California and Maine North American narrow gauge prototypes.

A collaborative effort has been displayed with the release of the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes locos, rolling stock, structures and routes through www.trainzone.co.nz and www.trainzproroutes.com. Almost all of the TNG members worked on or tested the numerous items made in support of this 2-foot gauge Maine route.

Future interests will remain mainly with internationally diverse industrial type narrow gauge but will also explore narrow gauge subjects in passenger operations. Locomotives, rolling stock, structures and routes will continue to be the main focus of the group.

The group is also interested in work related to museum demonstrations or exhibits on specific prototypes to aid in historical education if the opportunity presents itself.


The group is currently a non-profit venture with minimal commercial interests. For most this is only a hobby and an extension of model railroading.


Mark Baldwin, Alfred Barten, Rich Blake, Barry Cott, John D'Angelo, Mike Davis, David Drake, Peter Hilton, Todd Hohlenkamp, Gary Hoorn, Charlie Lear, Ben Neal, Peter Pardoe-Matthews, Pierre Paris, Robert Pearson, Shane Permann, Bill Slack, Ted Stuckey, Mike Sutton, Linda Irene Tingvik


Northbay County. The group created Northbay County narrow gauge route for inclusion in the packaged release of Auran Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006. The line features two-foot and three-foot lines with custom-built buildings and rolling stock.
Straight From the Box: Northbay County
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. This true-to-prototype route is now in progress. See the following for news:
Into the Hills of the Himalayas, an Exotic Adventure
The Trainz Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Project: First You Build a Mountain
Using SCABs for the Darjeeling Himalayan Model Railway Project
On the Road to Darjeeling
The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway for Trainz: The final Spike

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