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Railroading On Your Desktop by John D'Angelo. New ebook at Lulu. Our comments at VR Blogger.

VR Reading RoomTM
New articles posted as they become available; new and old articles organized for easy finding and retrieval OK

Virtual RailroaderTM eMagazine
Collections of articles in convenient Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for flexible reading, searchability, and formatted printing OK

Virtual Model Railway JournalTM
Predecessor of Virtual Railroader; all articles available online OK

VR BloggerTM
News, comments, what-have-you OK

Basic Trainz
A virtual treasure trove of information for the newcomer to Trainz OK

A column dedicated to the newcomer to virtual railroading OK

TrainSim Webfinder
Web links to train simulators and train simulation support. OK

If you want to be notified when a new article arrives, join the VR-News group at Yahoo. This group is purely for notification. Anyone can join; only the moderator can post.

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