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A Christmas Gift For TS2010 Users
By John D'Angelo, 9 December 2010

A surprise layout for TS2010 users. HTML

The Hampton Subway: Creating a Model From a Myth
By John D'Angelo, 25 November 2010

John D'Angelo brings fiction to another level with his Hampton Subway for TS2009. HTML


Building The Island Rapid Transit System
By Alfred Barten, 21 January 2010

This is an ongoing series of installments describing the building of a rapid transit / commuter line in TRS2006.

Day 1 - An Idea Is Born (21 Jan 10) [HTML]
Day 2 - The Test Bed (21 Jan 10) [HTML]
Day 3 - A Few Sketches (23 Jan 10) [HTML]
Day 4 - Breaking Ground (1 Feb 10) [HTML]
Day 5 - First Run (10 Feb 10) [HTML]
Day 6 - Interactive Stations (10 Feb 10) [HTML]
Day 7 - Double Tracking (2 Mar 10) [HTML]
Day 8 - Placing The Bascule Bridge (13 May 10) [HTML]
Day 9 - Adding Some Interest (8 Oct 10) [HTML]
Day 10 - Calamity: A computer crash has terminated this route. Sorry aboutthat.

The 20th Century Limited
By John D'Angelo, 27 Sept 2010

John D'Angelo describes the world famous 20th Century Limited and how you model it in in Trainz. HTML

All Aboard the Broadway Limited
By John D'Angelo, 22 April 2010

With a bit of ingenuity, you can build the Pennsylvania's flagship train, the Broadway Limited, in Trainz. HTML

Modeling Prototype Freight Operations in Trainz Using the Car Movement and Traffic Management System
By David A. Petersen, 15 January 2010

Here's a terrific freight operations modeling system for use with Trainz.

Updated file is here.

A New Idea For Ferry Operations
By John D'Angelo, 7 January 2010

John D'Angelo uses iPortals in imaginative ways for his ferry boat operations in TS2009. HTML

FEEDBACK letter here

A Complete Down East Fishing Village From the Download Station
By John D'Angelo, 23 October 2009

John D'Angelo describes a Maine-flavored route for TRS2006 you will not want to miss. HTML

Gotham Tower
By Alfred Barten, 6 October 2009

Gotham Tower is a rapid transit train watching simulation based on the interactive signal box that John D'Angelo has written about several times. Every thing is ready to go except the bulk of the scenery, which we have left for you to complete as you see fit.

Gotham Tower is available for free download and requires TRS2006 with SP-1. It should work fine with TS2009. HTML

Let's Bring Life to Your Signal Box
By John D'Angelo, 9 September 2009

John D'Angelo adds an animated companion to his catbird seat in the signal box. HTML

Steam Locomotive Cab Simulator, Part 2
By Doug Johnson, 9 June 2009

Doug Johnson completes his P-scale (aka Prototype scale) simulator for use with MSTS and RailDriver. PDF

The Never Ending Operation
By John D'Angelo, 27 May 2009

Like most of us, I have used the Save option in Trainz to save a session in progress for later playback in order to pick up where I left off, but I really wanted to do more. HTML

A Lionel Layout for Virtual Railroader
By John D'Angelo, 9 April 2009

Step back in time to the glory days of Lionel electric railroading with this modern day simulation in Trainz. The layout and session for TRS2006 with SP1 are included. HTML

Wayward Junction 3
By Alfred Barten, 10 March 2009

Wayward Junction 3 is a minor update to Wayward Junction 2. The key change is the addition of a turnatable and roundhouse. The turntable lets you turn steam locos for sending back out in the direction from which they came. Admittedly, the tank locos run backwards as well as frontwards, but the 2-8-2 locos with tenders are definitely more appropriately run forward. HTML

John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid Railroad For Trainz
By John D'Angelo, 4 March 2009

This article describes the transformation of John Allen's three layouts into Trainz versions. The routes and related sessions are available for free download. TRS2006 and SP-1 are required; no additional downloads are needed. You can discuss the article and routes here. HTML

Wayward Junction 2: The Update
By Alfred Barten, 15 February 2009

This article describes the update to the original Wayward Junction. The route and three sessions are available for free download. TRS2006 and SPp-1 are required. HTML

Exploring the Wellsville, Addison & Galeton
By Alfred Barten, 2 February 09

If you like operating short lines, with the wealth of switching activity involved, you’re sure to like the Wellsville, Addison and Galeton (WAG) or the "Sole Leather Line" route for MSTS by Paul M. Raynes. The current version, 2, of the route was released in 1907 and is available at HTML

Stop Already, I Need To Get Off! Coping With The Technology Spiral
By Alfred Barten, 12 January 09

Tired of the technology spiral? Don't give up. There's plenty of affordable, modest-spec train sim software out there and it's not going away any time soon. HTML

Operations at Wayward Junction
By Alfred Barten, 8 December 2008

A busy junction on a 30-inch gauge common carrier route for TRS2006 with SP1. This article describes the route and operation, both of which are available for free download. HTML

Creating a Living Rolling Stock Display
By John D'Angelo, 7 December 2008

John D'Angelo comes up with another innovative idea for having fun with Trainz. This time it's an interactive "display case" for viewing collections of Trainz rolling stock. The Rolling Stock Display Case route and UP session are for TRS2006 SP1 and are available at the Downloads page. No additional content is required. HTML

Catskill Coal
By John D'Angelo, 4 December 2008

John D'Angelo describes his latest coal hauling route featuring lots of interactive action. The Catskill Coal route and basic session are for TRS2006 SP1 and are available at the Downloads page. No additional content is required. HTML

Working at the Federal Street Yard
By John D'Angelo, 27 July 2008

John D'Angelo describes his latest switching layout, the Federal Street Freight Yard. This route for TRS2006 SP1 is available at the Downloads page and requires no additional content. HTML

BVE Revisited
By Alfred Barten, 3 July 2008

Mackoy may be quiet, but the third-party folks have been busy. HTML

Lincolnpin Rail Road Extension 2
By Alfred Barten, 29 June 2008

This is the second expansion to the original single baseboard layout for TRS2006. HTML

Traveling on the Orient Express
By John D'Angelo, 15 June 2008

Adventure! Intrigue! Opulence! John D'Angelo describes the beautiful Orient Express available for Trainz. HTML

Amazing Animated People for Your Route!
By John D'Angelo, 30 May 2008

John D'Angelo shows where and how to get Neoklai's fabulous animated people for Trainz. HTML

Bus Driving in Trainz
By Alfred Barten, 26 April 2008

Bus Driving in Trainz explores the possibilities of bus simulation using Trainz and links to a demo layout. HTML

Let’s Add New Trucks to Your GG1
By John D'Angelo, 20 April 2008

John D'Angelo shows how to change the trucks on a GG1 in Trainz. HTML

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway for Trainz: The Final Spike
By John D'Angelo, 14 March 2008

AFTER 31 MONTHS of group effort, the full-scale 50+ mile long railway with about 200 baseboards filled with over 2,000 custom items has been completed. HTML

Lincolnpin Rail Road Expansion
By Alfred Barten, 6 March 2008

LINCOLNPIN RAIL ROAD has been expanded from 1 baseboard to 6. HTML

Operations on the Lincolnpin Rail Road
By Alfred Barten, 11 February 2008

LINCOLNPIN RAIL ROAD was designed to take advantage of Pecil42's new 30-inch gauge equipment for Trainz. HTML

UPDATED article (pg 2) 15 Feb 08; download 2 Mar 08

United Central 2008
By John D'Angelo, 19 January 2008

John D'Angelo upgrades his United Central and provides a free download at the VR Downloads page. The route requires TRS2006 with SP-1, but does not require any additional assets. HTML

White Mountain Winter, a Holiday Gift
By John D'Angelo, 1 December 2007

Here's a holiday route filled with snowtime fun. The route and session are downloadable at our Downloads page and require no additional assets. HTML

Shooting the TC Harlem Line
By Alfred Barten, 14 November 2007

Grab your virtual camera and join us in photographing the Trainz Classics Harlem Line. HTML

FEEDBACK letter here

Meet John D'Angelo
By Alfred Barten and John D'Angelo, 11 November 2007

Meet John D'Angelo, author of numerous articles here at the VR Reading and its predecessors, Virtual Railroader e-zine and Virtual Model Railway Journal. John is also the creator of a number of very popular Trainz routes. HTML

VR Railfinder
By Alfred Barten, 25 March 2006

If you're looking for concentrated rail action, look no further than the New York Transit Authority (NYCTA). It's the largest component of New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). The system combines subway, surface, and elevated running, with an emphasis on subways. For the virtual railroader and subway modeler, the NYCTA is as close to Nirvana as one could come. (OK, the London Underground is another worthy candidate, but today we're talking about the NYCTA.) HTML

Train Sim Webfinder
By Alfred Barten, 2007

UPDATED FOR FEBRUARY 2009 (PARTIAL). We’ve compiled two listings: Part 1 – Train Simulators and Part 2 – Train Simulation Support. We don’t want to leave anyone out, so we’ll be adding to the list as we go along. Feel free to send suggestions (and corrections). HTML

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